Choosing a DJ for your NWA Wedding Day.

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

You might be wondering how far in advance should couples or event planners book a DJ for a wedding in Northwest Arkansas.

It really depends on which DJ you're choosing!

Honestly, here at Ozark Mix our schedule is pretty much booked a year in advance. So,

we would highly suggest that once you find your venue, your DJ, and your photographer, are your next phone calls. Venue, Photographer/Videographer, then DJ is our suggested order. If you are in Northwest Arkansas, and you're planning through a coordinator, then, the planning is probably going to have a couple of contacts for you. They have preferred DJs to work with. The preferred DJ of the planner is usually the way to go simply because the planner has a great working relationship with the company and knows and trusts the DJ or MC will do the job well. It's very common to look at the DJ selection portion as a last essential vendor. However, as you'll soon find planning your wedding, great DJs are actually worth the money and tend to be very booked up.

Russ Collins, owner of Ozark Mix in Fayetteville, AR, says,

“Now, at Ozark Mix, we really, really place an importance on being all in for our clients, and therefore, we only run one team per weekend. We do this because, again, we want all of our focus to be on that day, because we have a couple of facets to our business. That allows us to simply focus on each weekend at a time. And because my wife and I work together, that allows us to control our schedule. And, so we really like that. So, I would highly suggest that once you book your venue, you book your photographer and your DJ, because those vendors who are really good and trustworthy organic are going to get the bookings first. Now, you can obviously find some diamonds in the rough, especially those who are up and coming. We were an up and coming company once, and we understand what it's like when people take a chance on us. But if you're in the mode of operation of ‘Hey look, I just want the, the sure bet I want to put all of my chips in a basket of a preferred vendor’, then taking a look at about a year out from your wedding is probably the best idea for you.”

So, best luck in finding your vendors for your wedding. There are some amazing wedding professionals here in Northwest Arkansas.

As always, if you need a DJ or MC who is fully committed to you and your guests, then, you need to call Ozark Mix, the best Northwest Arkansas DJ in the region. We appreciate your business, and as always, congratulations, and we'll see you at your wedding!

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