How much does it cost to hire a professional DJ in Northwest Arkansas for my wedding?

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

My daughter recently asked me a question on our drive to school. She has been watching us build this amazing business from the ground up in last few years.

She asked, "Dad, how much do you charge people to DJ, their wedding?"

And I thought, that's a great question!

What is the typical DJ budget?

Northwest Arkansas dj cost

Well, I think there are a couple of things that you'd want to think about when it comes to planning your event or your wedding here in NWA.

Number one, how long is the event and what are the responsibilities of the DJ? Do you need sound, and an engineer for your wedding ceremony? Do you simply need the DJ to be there for the reception to introduce the bride and groom? Does the dj need to keep the flow of the evening going, or do you simply need the emcee to handle the announcements. If you're wanting a DJ to handle the toasts, the flow, And best of all, the dancing, then you'd need an experienced DJ. The more experienced the DJ is, the better the DJ is prepared to make adjustments and keep the crowd engaged.. They have likely seen multiple weddings, and have performed at a various types of wedding., They've seen large weddings. They've seen small micro weddings. They've been a part of backyard weddings. Experienced DJ's notice when things are going right. They know how to read the crowd. They know what the dance floor needs.

So, you'll likely pay a little bit more for a DJ who has a lot more experience.

The typical cost for an experienced wedding DJ, is around $1500 for the ceremony and reception.

Now, if you're looking for a budget friendly option, you might look for a DJ that has a little less experience or is specializes in only wedding receptions. And you handle the ceremony yourself. If your DJ has a little bit less expensive, you're probably a little less experienced, you're probably looking at a price range of around. $ 500-$700. Anything less than that, to be honest with you, folks, I would stay away from hiring. If you're not willing to pay $500 for a wedding DJ of over 150 guests, you probably won't get a very good product. Here's why.

Being a wedding DJ is hard. It takes a lot of practice. And, it takes a lot of experience to read the room, to understand what it is that gets the people on the dance floor, to mix, what products to use, and the type of equipment to use. Wedding DJs who are in this business as their primary means are incredible. They wouldn't be in the business if they weren't good at it! It's all about referrals it's all about experience and it's all about keeping the party going. So the more experienced the DJ, the better. If a DJ is under $500, it's likely that they've never been a DJ at a wedding event at all. Because weddings are a ton of work. The DJ is there a couple of hours before the event, they work their tail off, and then they're there a couple of hours after the event tearing down. So if they value themselves and they value their skill, then, they're going to charge a whole lot more than $500. I hope this article has been helpful.

As always, we at Ozark Mix value our work and think you should hire us to DJ your wedding or event in Northwest Arkansas or Southern Missouri. You won't regret it.

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