Maybe a Micro Wedding the Best Option for Your Wedding Day

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Water micro wedding in NWA

Recently, there’s been a big uptick in the wedding world! It is a concept called a micro wedding. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, venues are allowed to accommodate much lower guests lists and in some cases can't accommodate anyone or are rescheduling couples to 2021. However, some of those wedding clients are opting for smaller, intimate settings and keeping their date. Here’s some news on the Micro Wedding trend.

Now, this has been going on for a long time. It's not like this is a new solution, but a micro wedding is basically a wedding that is set in an intimate space with a limited guest amount. Usually, 50 guests or less. What micro weddings allow for is this idea that weddings can be really intimate with venues, closing in some states with reschedules happening, and a desire for couples to still get married and have their friends and family be a part of it. Micro weddings might be the solution for you. You know there's a lot of ways to do this. You could find a friend. He's got a great big backyard and weddings. We actually did this a couple of weeks ago and it turned out great!

Here are a couple of advantages that you'd have in keeping your date and moving it from a big guest list to a micro wedding. You could still keep your photographer. And they would do an incredible job. In fact, you might be able to even up your package a little bit more to get more photos and more shots. They might include more of your friends and your family, because the group would be a little smaller. You could actually up your game on food, too. It would present this opportunity to reinvent the catering menu, and possibly serve everybody, a really, really great meal versus an average inexpensive meal for 150 to 300 guests. And, you know, who doesn't love a good filet and full potato and full bar at a wedding? Man, going overboard with this might be kind of cool here. You don't have to skimp on decorations, either. Backyard weddings or micro weddings can really bring out people's creativity, and while social social distancing is still a thing, we've seen amazing decorations for micro weddings in Northwest Arkansas. They’ve been beautiful. Most of the settings might be in a smaller venue, or even a small backyard or an outside venue. And here are a couple of suggestions that we'd have for those. If you can, be near water, it's huge in Northwest Arkansas, and absolutely gorgeous. There are so many places to choose from at really great prices. The other thing that you absolutely don't have to neglect is your music selection. I mean, having experience in DJing many micro weddings this spring, I will say, the intimacy factor is really, really, great. You have this opportunity to really get to know people and the dance floor continues to be popping. I mean, honestly, we've done weddings of 300 people in the past. And it's rare that there's more than 50-75 people on a dance floor at a time. Now, we have been a part of some crazy parties, and we tend to keep the party rolling, but we feel like 50 people is actually the perfect number. So don't be discouraged when needing to plan a micro wedding. We still want you to be able to celebrate and a micro wedding just might be the best option for you. Intimacy and family friends is what it's all about.

Here’s what our owner Russ says about Micro Weddings,

“If you're looking to get married in this season, and just can't justify gathering 300 guests together, a micro wedding is the way to go. And we highly recommend it. They've been some of the best events that we've been a part of, in the last three to four months. I really think that micro weddings will be, you know, a thing to move to in the future because brides and grooms will see this example and maybe experience this in person and realize that ‘you know what an intimate setting is for me, you know?’ The cool thing about it is the bride and groom actually get to sit and talk and have fun with the guests that are there. I rarely see brides and grooms with weddings that are really big, get a chance to interact with all of their guests. At micro weddings, it always happens. So it's something to keep in mind, definitely.What would it look like for you if you did a micro wedding? What would it look like for you? If you kept your vendors and upped your game, what would it look like for you. If you really went all in on a backyard setting. I have a tendency to believe that it would be really, really cool, so good luck in your endeavors!”

We hope that this resource has been great for you. And as always, if you need a great DJ for your micro wedding. we've got the perfect setlist for you and we'll make it super easy to enjoy the evening with your closest friends and family. All the best!

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