List of Fun Bachelorette & Bachelor Party Ideas

Want to host a unique bachelor/bachelorette party that everyone will remember? We have a ton of awesome ideas for celebrating the newlyweds. Consider making the following party ideas even more unique by joining the rest of the wedding party to have a joint bachelor/bachelorette party.

Brides and grooms that enjoy the coast might enjoy a fun getaway from the city. Consider going to a beach. There are a plethora of things to do at the beach. Make it a weekend, and explore the local sceneries and hotspots when the sun goes down.

Love the ocean, but hate the beach? Rent a boat and go sailing together. If they love aquatic sealife, whale-watching or scuba diving will help them live out their underwater dreams. Cruise it up for a more luxurious experience.

Outdoorsy types love to camp out. Rough it in tents, or glam it up by going clamping. Staying in a luxurious cabin away from the busy city can be so relaxing. Observing nature, exploring national parks, and hiking are great outdoor activities.

Being near a river or lake doubles the activity possibilities. Kayaking, rafting, or taking it leisurely floating down the river allows for great conversation and bonding time with the wedding party.

If the bride/groom-to-be would rather not go out, enjoy a simple night at home. Potlucks or cooking dinner in a group can be so much fun. Make it a sleepover for endless fun deep into the night. Staying in means, you can participate in their favorite activities. Movie marathons, game night, and home cookouts are simple to plan and easy on your wallet. Know someone with a pool? Make it a late-night pool party.

Planning a wedding can be stressful. If the bride/groom is often stressed or loves to be pampered, a spa day is a perfect way to help the wedding party unwind and relax before the big day arrives. If going to the spa seems expensive, have a spa night at home.

Travelers love to see as much as they can in a small amount of time. See the sights and enjoy lots of time to talk and sing to your favorite tunes on a group road trip. There are so many places to see! Make the experience even more unique, riding on a train or renting the most luxurious or crazy car you can find.

If they love the arts, consider a trip to a gallery or museum. Wine tasting and fancy dining go hand-in-hand for these upscale outings. Support the community by attending a comedy show, community theater performance, or going to a jazz club. Everyone loves music; going to a concert together is a fun outing, but allows you to enjoy art and support the community in their artistic endeavors.

Competitive types love to challenge themselves. See if your group is up to trying a military-grade obstacle course. Put together relay-races or trust exercises to bond with your bachelor/bachelorette party guests.

Sometimes competitive types enjoy sports. Play an aggressive or friendly game of their favorite sport. The bigger the party-guest list, the more possibilities you have. If your party is small, consider having family or another bachelor/bachelorette party compete against your team.

Fall and country lovers enjoy things that can be done in rural areas. Bonfires are cozy and make great memories. Pair with a barbeque or roast hotdogs and smores under a star-lit sky.

Do they like to volunteer or help with activism causes? Consider signing the gang up for a volunteer opportunity that you can do together. Communities are often hosting run-for causes races that even the biggest couch potato can participate—jazz up the event by wearing goofy costumes or attending their favorite restaurant afterward.

Nothing says fun like spending time with the groom-bride to be in the way that they enjoy the most. When planning a bachelor or bachelorette party, it is important to keep in mind their comfort zones and desires when celebrating before the wedding. Make sure you pick an activity that accommodates all people in attendance and doesn't make anyone do something they are not comfortable with. Remember to be safe at your parties, and contact Ozark Mix for your NWA DJ/MC service needs.