Northwest Arkansas wedding questions: Live Music at a Wedding? Or, hire a DJ?

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Since Ozark Mix offers live music entertainment for weddings in Northwest Arkansas as well as the best wedding DJ in NWA, we get a certain question a lot.

Should you use a live musician or live band at your wedding or hire a DJ? Or, both!?

Well, that's a great question.

First, you'd want to look at your budget.

Second, you'd want to look at the venue itself.

Does the venue accommodate the space. for all the musicians or is the space limited. How big is the dance floor? The vibe? The acoustics? The power capabilities? Is the is the wedding indoor or outdoor? Is the wedding in the spring, or the fall? Will the wedding be far away from where the musicians live? Will there be travel costs involved? All this can add up quick as musicians charge by the hour. They will figure in travel costs and the time it takes to set up. If it is easier on them, the cost will be less for sure.

Next you would want to think about how versatile, the band is. If you are looking for a genre, specific wedding playlist, then you'd have the opportunity to, say, hire a jazz band or hire a blues ban., Or, if you're looking for a band that can do it all then you would need to pick a band that has experience playing, lots of different styles of music. It's probably easier to pinpoint specific music genres when, when choosing a live band.

We highly suggest this band for anything jazz, or if you would like a local jazz female singer. We also love the folks over at Smooth Man music for anything r&b, gospel, or blues related. Check those folks out if you want great musicians who will keep the wedding lively.

Here at Ozark Mix, we offer stringed instruments. We offer jazz piano, "Rat Pack" music, as well as singer songwriter capabilities. All these musicians can sing or play at your ceremony or NWA wedding reception or during cocktail hour.

So, should you hire a DJ instead?

Well, the pros to hire a DJ would be:

They have a wide variety of music capabilities that they can play that they can think on the fly.

They don't have to necessarily rehearse a certain wedding playlist, which basically means, less time to prep and more time focus on the wedding party.

If they do a really good job with working the crowd, then this would certainly be a little bit better when it comes to dancing and possibly entertainment.

A DJ would be able to work with your schedule and be able to take care of all the emcee responsibilities.

Honestly a DJ would likely be less expensive than if you bought a full band package. However, if you want to go all out, we would totally suggest doing both! We highly suggest the cocktail hour would be handled by live musicians for a huge wow factor. Then, the DJ handles the reception and the dancing. This would be one amazing party and this method is always well received by guests.

As with anything else Ozark Mix is here to handle all of your wedding live entertainment in or wedding DJ emcee responsibilities in Northwest Arkansas.. We'd love to take care of this for you, and you can contact us here, through our website.

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