Movie Soundtracks to Consider Playing at Your Wedding

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Unique music is a great way to personalize your wedding setlist, especially if it makes you think of your favorite movie. Here we have a list of songs from iconic movies that are great choices to play at weddings. (And don't worry, we have a section specifically for Disney classics.) From wedding procession alternatives to that perfect song for your best man, keep an open mind when it comes to this random song list. It is worth the read! We've broken down the list to the years the movie came out that made these great wedding songs popular.

The 1980s- Love them or hate them; the eighties bore some beautiful films that we love to watch today.

Here are some iconic songs that your wedding guests are sure to remember from eighties movies:

Endless Love-Endless Love [1981]

Stand by Me-Stand By Me [1986]

(I've Had) The Time of My Life-Dirty Dancing [1987]

The 1990s- Known as the fairytale era of movies, imaginations, and storylines exploded with new concepts and music in the nighties. What other decade do people like to claim as the nostalgic era? 90s kids, this list is for you and your wedding:

Unchained Melody-Ghost [1990]

(Everything I Do) I Do it for You-Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves [1991]

I Will Always Love You-Bodyguard [1992]

I Wanna Grow Old with You- Wedding Singer [1998]

I Don't Want to Miss a Thing- Armageddon [1998]

The 2000s- As the new millenium began, so did new ways of cinema. What audiences wanted to see on the big screen changed; their senses of humor, animation styles, and their connection to the movies itself. Below are some beautiful songs from films that nestled into our hearts before 2010:

Come What May-Moulin Rouge [2001]

All You Need is Love-Love Actually [2003]

I Melt with You- 50 First Dates [2004]

Accidentally In Love- Shrek 2 [2004]

Time After Time-Napoleon Dynamite [2004]

All I want is You- Juno [2007]

You Make my Dreams Come True- (500) Days of Summer [2009]

The 2010s- When 2010 began, the streaming era began. These years hold the beginning of movies debuting on streaming platforms. Movie-goers are starting to prefer binging at home instead of going to a movie house. Here are some great songs from movies that were first shown in the movie theater of the 2010s:

(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher-Date Night [2010]

City of Stars*the duet*-La La Land [2016]

I Can't Help Falling in Love with You-Crazy Rich Asians [2018]

Always Remember Us This Way- A Star is Born [2018]

Crazy Little Thing Called Love-Bohemian Rhapsody [2018]

Yes, the time has come to talk about Disney.

You may not remember some of these, but rest assured, they are great choices to play at your wedding:

When You Wish Upon a Star-Pinocchio [1940]

Bella Notte-Lady and The Tramp [1955]

Once Upon a Dream-SLeeping Beauty [1959]

Can You Feel the Love Tonight-Lion King [1994]

Eye to Eye-A Goofy Movie [1995]

You'll Be in my Heart-Tarzan [1999]

I Wouldn't Have Nothing If I Didn't Have You-Monsters Inc. [2001]

So Close-Enchanted [2007]

I'm Almost There-The Princess and the Frog [2009]

I See the Light-Tangled [2010]

Remember to do your research to see if you are comfortable with the lyrics in the music you play for your wedding guests. Also, your wedding means it is your choice, and to have fun with your wedding playlist! (If fun is your style).