A Couple of Questions When Planning Your NWA Wedding.

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

This burning question has been asked of us a couple of times lately from our Northwest Arkansas DJ services clients.

Should I use a wedding planner?

Well, I think the simple answer would be, it depends.

Now, I'm sorry that we haven't been so definitive, but, we came up with a list of questions that you want to answer. And maybe these will help you answer the question of whether or not to have a wedding planner.

The first question is ,how much time do you want to devote to planning this wedding yourself? And, it's a huge question. I don't know about you but I am a very busy person. And if you are, you're probably busy, either in your career or in school, or possibly you're working with a blended family and trying to figure out what life is going to be like in the future. So, if you don't have, honestly, 20, hours a week to devote to planning your wedding, then, it might be a good idea for you to hire a wedding planner.

However, if you're one of those types of people who loves working with details, loves talking on the phone, loves following up with vendors, loves interviewing vendors, then, planning your own wedding might be a great idea.

The second thing is, is. Do you have the big picture items taken care of? And what I mean by that is, Do you already have your venue, your photographer, your florist, or caterer? Are those all picked out already? If they are, you might consider hiring a month of coordinator. Now this is a wedding planner that basically takes over for you in the last month of the wedding and carries out all of the details. So, if there's an issue with roses, or flowers that aren't available, that florist calls the planner, not you. If there's an issue with the catering or the photographer needs a schedule, the wedding coordinator takes care of all that for you. So, I would highly recommend a month of planner. They can save you a ton of time and a lot of stress because who wants to be stressed out, the month before their wedding. Trust us. You don't want to be stressed out on these details the month leading up to your wedding. In our experience, hiring a month of planner is worth the money and the average cost of a month of planner is around $1500 dollars. Again, it seems like a large price tag for a month of work, but I can promise you, the less headaches you have before your wedding, the better.

And finally, there's a third question, we would ask. What does your wedding day actually look like? If it has a lot of moving parts, you know, if it has an outdoor ceremony with an indoor reception, or a ceremony that's at a different location, than the reception, then it might be a really good idea for you to at least at minimum, hire a day of coordinator. What the day of coordinator does is take care of all the event details. Maybe you've worked out all the details and you're ready, and all the vendors are lined up, but you need somebody to execute and Aunt Sally, just might not get the job done. Hire a day of wedding coordinator. They will handle all the details for you. They will make sure that the schedule is executed flawlessly. They will take care of any issue that may arise immediately and move on and let you move on to what's what matters most. And that's getting getting married. It's just easy and it's an expense that you think about on the front as possible overkill, but, I promise you, when the night is over, you've seen your friends and your family have a great time, it turns out to be a really good idea. So, those are three questions that you might want to consider.

Do you need a full planner?

Do you need a month of planner?

Or, do you simply need a day of planner?

As always, Ozark Mix is here to help keep the party rolling! We'll supply the music and the setlist and keep it simple for you. Whether you're getting help from a coordinator or you're planning your wedding yourself, we'd love to be part of your special day. Congratulations on your wedding!

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