Top Alternative Wedding Dessert Ideas

Spring Wedding

Macaroons- Nothing screams spring like colorful macaroons. Match your wedding colors or every color under the sun!

Candy- Who doesn't like candy? Have a lot of options for your guests, or even offer them bags they can fill themselves! It's fun, colorful, and sweet.

Summer Wedding

Ice Cream-Have your guests enjoy your favorite flavor, or make a sundae! Ice Cream offers so many possibilities from sandwiches to cones. Want another fun idea? Consider hiring an ice cream truck, it’s nostalgic, unique, and everyone can enjoy it.

Popsicles- Popsicles are one of the best parts of summer. Have some adult fun by adding alcohol to this cold fruity treat.

Fall Wedding

S’mores- Fall lovers unite! S’mores are the perfect sunset treat. Don't want the hassle of making a bunch of desserts? Have your guests make s'mores! It’s an activity, and a tasty treat.

Pro tip: Trade out the chocolate of your s' more with a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. (Please hold your applause)

Pie- It can be sliced, mini-sized, tart-ed, or in the new modern way: popped. Pie is a warm, flaky idea that looks great in a fall wedding. Don't like fruit? Try a cold cream pie. You can have a lot of mix-and-match options that are sure to leave your guests with plenty of options.

Cinnamon Roll-I don't care if it is giant, mini, or in a tall stack like a cake; cinnamon rolls are always a warm, gooey win.

Winter Wedding

COOKIES-Oreo lovers, your time has come. There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to cookies. Cookies can be made in bulk, and there are hundreds of different kinds. Want to be cute? Put them in a huge stack. Want it to be more individualized? Put an assortment of cookies in cute little boxes or backs to make each guest feel like they have a specialized treat.

Brownies-Chocolate lovers, your warm confection awaits. Brownies can be made with a plethora of toppings and add-in, including nuts and frostings.

Great Year-round options

Donuts/Donut Wall-Ever heard of a Donut wall? It is a fun and interactive way to display a lovely food. Make it even more special by choosing a few that you and your spouse adore. Or, stack them!

Rice Krispie Treats-They are fun, moldable, and you can put practically any topping on them. Serve them in a big pan, individually wrapped, or on a stick!

Cannolis-This is not your traditional wedding dessert. Cannolis are creamy Italian desserts that you don't have to cut, can easily be made in bulk, and can have lots of different fillings.

Go Carnival

Want to have a fun carnival feel at your wedding? Consider serving popcorn and cotton candy at your wedding. They can be made fast and are a great conversation piece. Go a fancy step further with caramel or candy apples! So many toppings, so much sweetness!

Not big on sweets? Have a savory snack!

If you aren't crazy about dessert, consider these non-sweet options:

Cheese- Isn't cheese great? Serve some fancy cheeses with crackers and fruit. It is highly liked, high class, and highly delicious.

Jerky-Meat sticks - A fast way to a man's heart. Offer mix-and-match options with several different kinds; it's non-sweet and very filling.

Giant Pretzels-Soft, Nontraditional, and BIG. Giant pretzels can be sweet or salty with different dipping sauces. Serve them, or let guests take over what to put on them.

Morning Wedding? Breakfast is the answer!

Take advantage of an early wedding with breakfast food! Or if you love breakfast, enjoy it anytime.

Pancakes/Waffles-Can be stacked, topped with anything you want, and fun to eat. Pancakes and waffles are always a sweet treat.

Crêpes-Want a more fancy take on a pancake? Crêpes are a French delicacy that can be sweet, savory, hot, or cold, with many different topping possibilities.

Other Cake Ideas

Still want cake, but in a different way? Here are some alternative ways to get your wedding-cake fix.

Cake Pops- You've seen them. They are trendy, colorful, and fantastic. It is a cute way to serve a sweet treat.

Petit Fours- They are bite-sized cuties that can incorporate your favorite flavor of cake.

Cheesecake- It is rich, creamy, and unique. Serve different kinds if you like, just make sure you save room to try them!

Cupcakes-Enjoy the perks of a Wedding cake without having to cut it. Display them on a table, in a stack, or pull-away. Cupcakes can serve many people; pick multiple kinds so that everyone finds one they will love.

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