Wedding Colors for 2021

A lot of consideration is put into deciding the colors for your wedding. We hope to help inspire you as you plan for the big day. Here are twelve color trends you are sure to see at weddings within the next ten years:

Mauve Purple

Out of all the shades of purple commonly used in weddings, Mauve is currently coming out on top. It's so hot right now...

As the love of pastels continues to fluctuate as a favorite color palette, Mauve Purple has had a steady appreciation.

Any Color with Greenery

Earthy vibes are becoming more popular in wedding decor. Paired with practically any color, whether it is a bold shade of Orange or a light Beige color, some shade of green is often used in weddings. The biggest reason for this is probably because of how much flowers are present at weddings. It could also be because Pantone declared "Greenery" as the most recent shade of green for the color of the year in 2017.


Love or hate it; Navy is here to stay. Whether you have a nautical wedding out on a beach or a cozy rustic fall celebration, Navy is always an excellent choice. Navy comes off well in fabrics, plastics, paper products, shiny, and flowers. It is probably for this reason that Navy is so prevalent in wedding trends.

Sunflower Yellow

Often paired with Navy, Sunflower Yellow is a prominent summer color. Some brides base their wedding palette entirely around the flower. As long as the summer heat doesn't chase people inside, Sunflower Yellow weddings often occur outside.

Foil Gold

Mainly incorporated in tiny accents, Foil Gold is a shimmery metallic that people love to use in printing. As the second decade of the century begins, the era of Foil Gold is slowly rising in popularity when relating to it as a color for a wedding palette.


Shades of tan and brown are becoming more popular. Terracotta is often used as an accent color and is mostly used with vintage-style outdoor weddings.

Dusty Blue

Dusty Blue is probably one of the most versatile colors. Just like its name, Dusty Blue is a unique shade of blue. It is not quite light blue, but it is not a vibrant color either. Pastel lovers enjoy this color as both a dominant shade or as an accent color.


Burgundy is a classic wedding color that can be paired with other dark colors or lighter tones. As Dusty Blue becomes increasingly popular, so does its match with Burgundy.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold is the most feminine of the metallic shades. Rose Gold is a favorite, whether it is the primary color of the wedding palette, usually paired with white, or as an accent piece to a variety of color combinations. Rose Gold is shiny and metallic, as opposed to blush or light shades of pink.


Often confused with Rose Gold, Blush is commonly a light pink. However, some people use it to describe a light tan or very light orange color. Blush is another pastel color that pairs well with other muted tones.


Although it is very similar to Burgundy, Marsala is different. It became more popular when Pantone declared it the Color of the Year in 2015. Regarding fabrics, they look practically the same. However, in other contexts, Marsala is closer to brown while Burgundy is often related to purple. Make a note of that if you choose to use either in your wedding palette.


Just like we discussed earlier with greenery, Sage is often the shade of green couples use. Most often paired with other muted earth tones, Sage can also accent shades of blue and bolder shades of green.

Let us know if you see any of these trends!