Wedding Guestbook Ideas & Nontraditional Wedding Ideas

One way to make your wedding memorable is by having a non-traditional guest book. It does not have to be a book at all! Here are some unique guest sign-in options to help you remember your special day.

If you love board games, then having an interact-able guest book is a fun idea. Have guests sign Jenga blocks; they are simple and fun alternatives to signing a book. If you don't like Jenga, pick your favorite puzzle, or have a custom one made where guests sign the pieces. Putting the pieces together will be touching and fun for everyone involved.

If the happy couple likes to travel or has been many places, there are lot's of possibilities, some of which include painting a globe a solid color with the wedding date or catchy phrase written on it. If you would rather have something flat, consider printing a large world map, and encourage guests to sign where the bride and groom should go next, or wherever they want to sign! Go historical by purchasing a vintage atlas. Guests can sign throughout the pages, and leave lovey notes for the happy couple. If you'd like to have a container involved with your guest sign-in, a mailbox with different postcards is a cute way for loved ones to leave something to read after the ceremony.

If you love literature, think about using a dictionary. Encourage guests to circle a word in it that represents the couple to be, and write lovely notes in the margins. If you love wine or plan to share a bottle after the festivities are over, have guests sign the bottle of your favorite flavor. Celebrate later, and keep the bottle as a memento of the happy day.

Rustic fans, combine your love for wood accent pieces and maps by having guests sign a cut-out of your favorite state or country. This piece could also be a lovely way of showing where the bride and groom intend to settle as a married couple and be used as decor in their home. You could keep it simple with a wooden slab, or consider having a letter cut-out. A letter could be the first in the last name or two letters that start the bride and groom's first names.

A common trend is to have a small wooden tree cut-out or picture. Guests can sign or leave their thumbprints like leaves on a tree. It is creative, interactive, and an excellent piece for the happy couple to have.

If you like tiny objects or collecting things, then you might like having guests sign rocks. If you have a love for the beach or a destination wedding there, signing shells is another small object. Small objects can make guests feel individualized and represented by having their own.

If you love the beach or nautical themes, have guests put personal messages into a giant glass bottle.

If you need advice or love handwritten notes, have a box meant for guests to leave papers. Date night suggestions, recipe cards, marriage advice, whatever topic you choose, make this guest sign-in helpful for the couple and allows for personal touches.

Sports fans, there are many options for you. Have guests sign the ball or any equipment used in your favorite sport. It can be interactive or a display piece and helps you stand out as a big fan. Consider having guests sign your favorite player's jersey, or have a customized one made for team "Mr. & Mrs."

If you love taking pictures or being in them, have guests sign a picture of the newlyweds. Then you'll have a lovely photo to hang in your home. This could also be made into a large poster.

Take it a step further by having guests take polaroids of themselves and pasting them in a photo album, or writing messages on the back with their signature and clipping them to a decorative board or lined frame.

If you need more ideas for objects to put in your home, have guests sign a piece of furniture. Benches, rocking chairs, and coffee tables are the most common options, but any piece of furniture will do. (wood is often preferred, but feel free to research the best textures to write on). If you also love Christmas, or have a December wedding, have guests sign Christmas ornaments or a serving tray. You'll remember your wedding every time you throw a party, or the family decorates the tree.

If you love music or play a particular instrument, you could have guests sign it. Guitars are the most common (and probably the easiest) musical instrument a lot of guests can sign. Vinyl records are also cute musical objects guests can sign.

Whatever you choose to have guests sign, make sure to choose something that represents you as a couple, and don't be afraid to try something new inspired by this list. If you have a unique guest sign-in at your wedding, please let us know, especially if this list was helpful in your search for a unique wedding guestbook.